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  • Lightly Day. 2002. Oil on canvas.  80х80
  • Intercommunication. 2003. Oil on canvas.  80х80
  • A Kiss of Golden Fish. 1995. Copper, enamel. 30x20.
  • Meal. 1990. Copper, enamel, wood. 30x20.
  • Dialogue with a Bird. 2001. Copper, enamel. 30x20.
  • Evening. Returning. 1997. Water color on paper.  95х115
  • Boatman. 1999.  Water color on paper. 90х110.
26 June - 28 July 2014
Marble Palace

The exhibition includes paintings, watercolors and enamels by Alexei Talaschuk, the famous artist and muralist, President of Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after A. Shtiglitz. Talaschuk's works are filled with images and subjects related to the cultural heritage of the ancient East and Europe which in his works become expressive plastic signs, designed in the spirit of Russian avant-garde art. The author's style is characterized by the use of the art of the hint, when an image is conceived as a presentiment or a potential. In paintings and graphics by Talaschuk an inimitable image is a result of a complex interaction of motives and subjects from a variety of sources, articulated on the language of lines, colours and space. Mythological and religious symbols interact with the personal experience of the author and become part of the creative world of the modern artist.

With the support of the "Free Artists of St.Petersburg" project