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  • Ivan Kupala Night. Spinster. 2010. Tempera and pesos on plywood. 136x105.
  • Artist and a Model. 1995. Tempera and pesos on flakeboard. 110x76.
  • Bad Weather Haymakers Coming Back. 2007. Tempera and pesos on plywood. Diameter 70.
  • Morning. Bashkir Bride. 2008. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 100x136.
  • October. Sunflowers. 2009. Tempera and pesos on plywood. Diameter 70.
  • Gathering Pumkins. 2010. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 112x121.
  • I am Painted a Merry Picture. Tempera and pesos on plywood. 2011.
  • Sunday. Torzhok. 2003. Oil on canvas. 90x74.
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27 March - 09 June 2013
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of the contemporary Russian artist brings together about 70 works. The exposition includes mostly the paintings of the 1980-2010's: the many-figured theme compositions, portraits and the images of Ural landscape. The Rysukhin's creative oeuvre is marked by the wonderful spirituality and truly individual comprehension of the cultural tradition. His works are distinguished by the originality of the artistic interpretation of the traditional widespread themes and images (graces, bathers, seasons, holidays and scenes of rural life). Despite the satiation with numerous fascinating details that frequently have symbolic sonority the Rysukhin's compositions are not illustrative. Such comprehension of his works is caused by the technological peculiarities of the levkas painting: monumental decorativeness, accentuated lines, local color decision, based on combination of bright and clear colors that goes back to the aesthetic of the Russian folk art. Fine skill of execution, organic combination of naivety and wisdom, fantasy and reality, elements of national Russian and classical European artistic tradition - all this helps Rysukhin to confirm his conception of the universe in every genre that he choose.

The exhibition is supported by the Gubernator of Orenburg Region Yury Berg and patron of the arts Mikhail Konnov