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  • Unknown artist. Genealogic Tree of Russian Monarchs. 1731. Oil on canvas
  • G.Ugryumov. The Election of Michael Romanov as Tsar on 13 March 1613. 1800. 1731. Oil on canvas
  • Deposition of the Holy Robe by Tsar Michael Romanov and His Father Patriarch Filaret. Icon. 16th — early 17th century. Tempera on wood.
  • S.Torelli. Coronation Portrait of Catherine II. Between 1763 and 1766. Oil on canvas.
  • S.Egornov. Portrait of the Heir to the Throne Alexis Nikolay. 1911. Oil on canvas
  • J.H.Benner. Portrait of Tsar Michael Feodorovich Romanov. 1821. Watercolours on paper mounted on metal plate. Miniature.
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04 April - 23 December 2013
St. Michael's Castle

This exhibition is dedicated to the significant event of the Russian history - the anniversary of the election of Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov as tsar, who was a founder of the new dynasty. Last time the anniversary of this event that was held 14 March 1613, was celebrated as a State holiday in 1913. After the October Revolution the significant event, that finished the epoch of the so-called Strife Time, as a rule, had been distorted or glossed over. In 2013 the anniversary of Romanovs House would be once again celebrated as the significant event. The exposition includes about 150 paintings, sculptures, graphic works, applied arts works and coins from the collection of the Russian Museum that are connected with the theme of foundation of the new dynasty. Among these works are the monumental canvas The Election of Mikhail Romanov as Tsar (1799) that was created by G.Ugryumov for the St. Michael's Castle; graphic works devoted to this event; paintings and sculpture portraits of members of Emperor's family by L.Karavak, G.Odolsky, F.Shubin, S.Torelli, S.Shchukin, G.Dow, M.Antokolsky and other artists of the 18th - beginning of 20th centuries. Also on the exhibition is working on-line catalogue which gives the viewers an opportunity to acquaint with the Album of Drawings, created by the artists during the Sacred Coronation in 1896.

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