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RELIEF IN RUSSIA of the 18th - early 21th.centuries

  • Marie-Anne Kollot. Grand Duchess Natalia Alexeyevna. 1774. Marble
  • Fedot Shubin. Release of Captive Turks. 1780-1782. Marble
  • Mark Antokolsky. Jewish the Skinflint. 1864. Bone, wood.
  • Hugo Saleman. Prodigal Son. 1881. Wax.
  • Nathan Altman. A.Lunacharsky. 1920. Plaster
  • Boris Kaplyansky, Abram Malahin. Eternal Memory (Three Women). 1960-1966. Part of relief of the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery, St. Petersburg.  Plaster
  • Caspar Jaeger. Medal for Bringing to St. Petersburg of a Monolith for the Monument of Peter the Great. 1770. Copper.