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RELIEF IN RUSSIA of the 18th - early 21th.centuries

  • Marie-Anne Kollot. Grand Duchess Natalia Alexeyevna. 1774. Marble
  • Fedot Shubin. Release of Captive Turks. 1780-1782. Marble
  • Mark Antokolsky. Jewish the Skinflint. 1864. Bone, wood.
  • Hugo Saleman. Prodigal Son. 1881. Wax.
  • Nathan Altman. A.Lunacharsky. 1920. Plaster
  • Boris Kaplyansky, Abram Malahin. Eternal Memory (Three Women). 1960-1966. Part of relief of the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery, St. Petersburg.  Plaster
  • Caspar Jaeger. Medal for Bringing to St. Petersburg of a Monolith for the Monument of Peter the Great. 1770. Copper.
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18 September - 25 November 2013
Marble Palace

This is the first special exhibition devoted to the history of relief in Russian art of the 18th - beginning of the 21centuries. The exposition that gives an opportunity to trace back the history of main genres of relief and to reveal the peculiarities of its plastic language will bring together its earliest examples - the works by B-K.Rastrelli, M.-A.Kollo, F.Shubin, J-D.Rashett. The history of relief of the 19th century is presented on the example of works by F.Tolstoy, I.Vitaly and G.Zaleman. Another line of development of relief of the 19th century that is connected with the realistic trend is presented on example of the genre and portrait sculptures by M.Antokolsky, J.Serjakov, P.Zabello, A.Opekushin. At the beginning of the 20th century the relief n Russia got the thematic and stylistic diversity (works by A.Ober, M.Dillon, A.Golubkina). The section that is devoted to the relief of the 20th century presents the new forms of agitation art that had been worked out after the October Revolution (works by S.Lebedeva and N.Altman), with the unique phenomenon - the art of students of the Leningrad Institute of the People of North (bas-reliefs by Bekerov and Namunka) with the examples of decorative plastic of the 20th century (I.Efimov) and reliefs devoted to the theme of he Great Patriotic War (works by D.Jakerson of the war time and monumental works by V.Kaplyansky and F.Malahin). The after-war time is presented by the two-sided reliefs by L.Lanetz, and by experiments with unusual materials and forms (V.Govorkov, E.Preis, L.Kazbekov). The special section is devoted to the numismatics as the specific view of relief and to the avant-garde searches of V.Tatlin, V.Lebedev and V.Izdebky, and also to the experiments of the artists who in late 20th century worked in the sphere of collage.