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OLEG KROTKOV. 1929-2013

  • Father. 1972. Oil on canvas
  • Trio. 1994. Oil on canvas mounted on fiberboard
  • Still Life with Burning Candles. 2004. Oil on fiberboard
  • St. Matthew and the Angel. 1970. Oil on fiberboard
  • Above Us, Behind Us and Within Us. 1995. Oil on fiberboard
  • Winter Morning. 1972. Oil on fiberboard
  • The Adoration of the Magi. 1995. Oil on canvas
  • Two Pitchers. 1976. Oil on cardboard
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06 November 2013 - 16 January 2014
Stroganov Palace

The solo exhibition of Oleg Krotkov (1929-2013) brings together the paintings of different years that give the opportunity to reveal the evolution of the artist's creative path - from the socialist realism in the works of the 1950's to the romantic Avant-garde of the beginning of 1990's. Oleg Krotkov who was the pupil of S.Ivashev-Musatov who was the follower of traditions of Caro Bube (The King of Diamonds) art group, had created in his canvases the wonderful, magnificent and at the same time chamber world. The romantics of everyday life and pathetic content of his works may be regarded as the evidence of deep spiritual life of every beings and things in the world. The static figures in his compositions that are devoted to the religious and genre subjects are fulfilled with effort and seem to have the features of the artist's character - its obstinacy and purposefulness. His still-lives reveal the variety of surrounding space and possibilities of color - deep and concentrated or clear and transparent.

Oleg Krotkov had left Russia in 1992 and never got the fame in his native land. This exhibition that for the first time presents the Krotkov's creative oeuvre so fully is the peculiar tribute to memory of this artist.

The exhibition is supported by Blue Apple