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  • Flora and Fauna. Diptych. Left side. 1999. Oil on canvas. Author’s collection
  • Flora and Fauna. Diptych. Right side. 1999. Oil on canvas. Author’s collection
  • August. 2000. Oil on canvas. Collection of S. Karakash
  • Seedlings. 2008. Oil on canvas. Author’s collection
  • Bread. 2009. Oil on canvas. Author’s collection
13 November 2013 - 13 January 2014
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of Natella Toidze - the Moscow artist the representative of well-known art dynasty. The permanent participant of Moscow, Russian and abroad exhibitions, the Member of the Russian Academy of art, Toidze is the active participant of contemporary artistic life. Her works are presented in State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Vologda District Museum and Mordovia Museum named after Erzya, in the collection of Russian Academy of Art and the other state and private collections in Russia and foreign countries. The exhibition that includes about 70 works gives the viewer an opportunity to trace the basic stages of the artist's creative path - from the early paintings that are expressive in manner to the landscapes and still lives of the 1980's and the works of two last decades. The content of these works is the specific "culture of dacha" in the places nearby Moscow. The reason of inimitableness of plastic decision of her canvases is the author's ability to find the special foreshortening of visual apprehension of the presented motif and so to reveal the hidden sides of natural and artificial world. This world is carefully embodied in its simple recognizable features seems to be transfigured with the poetical intonations that are awoken by the rhythmical organization of the space of canvas, and by the format of the latter. The author seems to suggest the viewer the character and way of visual development of the shadowy trail in forest or magnificent composition that is created from the bright flowers. Thanks to such approach the realistic tradition that is the basis of Toidze's searches receive   actuality. And precisely this approach allows the author to combine organically in her images the emotional comprehension of world and its intellectual comprehension.