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03 April - 26 May 2013
Benois Wing

The church lighting fixtures for a long time were traditionally on the outlying area of specialists' interests staying unstudied and less known to viewers. At the exhibition for the first time ever will be presented the unique lighting fixtures from the collection of the Russian Museum: chandeliers, corona lucises and lamps that become the part of the Old Russian Orthodox church culture of 15-17th centuries.

Among the most significant articles are the part of big Aphon corona lucis of 15-17th centuries, early chandeliers from Novgorod (17th and 18th centuries), the groop of the so-called emaciated chandeliers (17th century) and also lamps that are different in size, form, level of technical execution and artistic value. The special place in exposition belongs to the group of silver lamps (17th century) that are connected with the history of Alexander-Svir Monastery and to the large lanterns of mica (17th century) that were used as an inevitable attribute of the divine services and sacred processions.