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  • Inspiration (Rainbow). 1929 Oil on cardboard  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Singing Spring. 1939 Oil on canvas.  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Mt. Lómagnúpur. 1944 Oil on linen  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Warrior Maiden. 1961 Oil on linen 101 x 152 Reykjavík Art Museum
  • From Þingvellir. 1962 Oil on linen  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Two Birds. 1945 Ink on paper  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Landscape by a Beach. Undated Ink on paper  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Above Clouds (Butterfly Strokes). 1967 Oil on paper glued on canvas  Reykjavík Art Museum
  • Icelandic Melody. 1949 Oil on linen  National Gallery of Iceland
  • Snow and Gully, Winter Scene from Þingvellir. 1954 Oil on linen. Reykjavík Art Museum
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26 September - 04 November 2013
Marble Palace

This retrospective exhibition presents key-works from the creative oeuvre of Kjarval (his full name was Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval), who was one of the pioneers of Icelandic visual art. During his long career as a painter, from 1918, when he completed his art studies, until the 1960s, his essential philosophy remained the same - that nature is alive. Kjarval developed his own view of nature, which was expressed so powerfully in his art. The aspects of nature he chose as his subjects were mountains, lava fields, and the moss that typically grows in the lava. In the familiar, the modest, Kjarval discerned a glorious complexity and beauty: the expanses of lava glow in the light; stones speak; and mysterious life comes into being. In 1973, the City of Reykjavík opened a museum dedicated to Kjarval's art, entitled Karvalsstadir, which lent many of the works in the exhibition.