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12 April - 27 May 2013
Marble Palace

This small exhibition is a peculiar dedication to memory of Petersburg artist Vladislav Mamyshev who tragically died this year. Mamyshev who got his pseudo-name after his favorite actress Merlin Monroe, he became one of first artists-performansists on post-soviet territory. He created performance also from his life, genially transformed himself into different heroes.

The artist had started his career during his appearing in the Popular Mechanic orchestra created by artist Sergey Kurekhin at the end of the 1980's and at the same time had taken participation in the exhibition of contemporary art. Since 1989 Monroe had been the permanent leader of the "Pirate Television" that he created together with Juris Lesnik and Timur Novikov. the "Pirate Television" had enlightened the alternative news of cultural life of Leningrad. The Russian Museum owns the Unfortunate Life (1993) series where the history of Merlin Monroe is presented on the background of St. Petersburg architecture. In 1997 Mamyshev presented in Russian Museum the Russian Questions project, where he had turned to the most painful problems of contemporary life. In 2006 Mamyshev-Monroe played the role of famous Soviet actress Lubov Orlova in the new versia of Volga-Volga film (deputy directors P.Labazov and A.Silvestrov). This version was awarded with the Premium named after Vasiliy Kandinsky in 2007. Artist easily tried on the images of Lenin, Shtirliz, Charlie Chaplin, Catherine the Second, Elizabeth and Shakespeare's Poloniy that became the last for him.

The solo exhibition of Mamyshev-Monroe became possible thanks to collaboration of the Russian museum and Petersburg collectors and the artist's friends who had given his art works to this exposition.