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The Russian Museum

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  • Tower in Forest. 2009. 73x73.
  • Trip with Angel. 2011. 57x60.
  • Signs. 2009. 73x76.
  • Oka River. June. 2011. 80x80.
  • Women. 2009. 80 x 85. 80x85.
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14 August - 16 September 2013
Marble Palace

The exhibition for the first time presents in the Russian Museum the creative oeuvre of the well-known Moscow artist who since the 1960's works in the sphere of painting and graphic art. Boris Kocheishvili got the fame also as talented poet and the author of six books. His poems were included in the Anthology of Russian Poetry (1950-2000). The works by Boris Kocheishvili are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, State Museum of Fine Arts named after Alexander Pushkin. The exposition includes about 50 works created during last decade: the paintings and reliefs or volumetric pictures that are created by author in original author technique. Under the special lighting the relief scenes revives. Every volume casts a shadow with the distinct border, and the figures begin the dialogue like the artists on the theatre stage. Author aspires towards the overcoming of traditional genre frameworks and embodies his reflections on the content of concept of Nature and Culture, Man and Woman in the conventional form and quivering color facture that presents the reality in its lifelike fullness and at the time gravitates towards abstraction. Also the exposition includes the poetry texts and documental film about the artist.