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  • Alya Esipovich. No comment. 2003
  • Konstantin Khudyakov. Dream-001.2007
  • Nadya Isaeva. Untitled.2012
  • Nikolai Svischhov-Paola. Model. Mid.-1920
  • Nikolai Khorunzhy. new Flat. 1959
  • Joseph Kiblitsky. Untitled. 1972
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01 August - 28 October 2013
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition presents the development of the so-called Nu (Nude) genre in the Russian photography from the 1900s till the beginning of the 21th century. The exposition will bring together about 100 works, connected with the depiction of naked woman nature in the creative oeuvre of Russian authors who worked in their native land and in emigration. Among the authors of presented photographs are A.Eberling, N.Svishchov-Paola, A.Knyazev, D.Vozdvizhensky, A.Esipovich, V.Buivid, V.Arutunov and the others.