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  • Helmeted She Samurai. Bronze. 2005
  • Annushka. Bronze. 2010
  • She’s not like others. Bronze. 2011
  • Ocean. Bronze. 2011
  • Samurai Going out on a Date. Bronze. 2010
  • Samurai’s Treasures. Bronze. 2010
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07 August - 30 September 2013
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of Andrei Ostashov - the contemporary Belarus sculptor, who got the recognition not only in his native land, but also in many European countries. The exposition includes about 80 sculptures of the 1990-2010's. In these works the author turns to the wide range of subjects and motifs where the reality and fantasy are interlaced. Also there are presented the graphic works created by Andrei Ostashov during last decade. The versatile content of images of Man and Woman that have the important place in his creative oeuvre reveals itself in the keenness of expressive pose or gesture and also in the unexpected combination of anthropomorphous and animalistic motifs. Also in his art one can notice the re-comprehension of images of Antique and Eastern Mythology and also the heroes and events of Japanese history and culture. The sculptures by Ostashov are marked by high skill of silhouette generalization and close attention to details - the elements of costume and different things that has symbolic meaning. The character of plastic decision and including of polychromic elements in his works finds its sources in the plastic of the countries of Far East and in traditional art of inhabitants of Tropical Africa and Oceania. At the same time in his graphic works the element of grotesque and the fairy tale motifs get the necessary space for the development of their subject. The organic combination of tradition and innovatory gives the author an opportunity to create the fanciful world of images.