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  • The Portrait of the Artist’s Wife in the Red Hat. 1998. Paper, pastel. 63х48
  • Mother’s Bathrobe. 2010. Canvas, oil. 120х105
  • Sweet Cherries. Fragment. 2003. Canvas, oil. 110х130
  • The Portrait of Vitalik in the Turkish Fez. 2010. Canvas, oil. 61х51
  • The Pirate of the XXI century. 2011. Canvas, oil. 180х20
  • Self Portrait. The Dream in the New Year’s Night. Fragment. 2010.Canvas, oil. 180х200
  • The Portrait of the Girl in the Red Shawl. 2007.Сanvas, oil. 60х50
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18 October - 19 November 2012
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of contemporary Russian artist Yury Kaluta. In his works the traditions of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts are revealed with their new sides. The exposition brings together about 100 paintings and graphic works by Yury Kaluta: from his own art studio and from the private collections of Russia and foreign countries.

Yury Kaluta was a pupil of well-known artists Yevsey Moiseenko and Andrei Mylnikov. He has created his individual manner of painting that is based on the deliberate limitation of the artist’s palette and on the use of decorative contrasts with emotional accents of red and black. The remarkable compositional skill and exquisite feeling for colour, the artistic rendering of appearance and expressive details enable the master to create the memorable world of images. The portraits by Yury Kaluta - touching, lyrical or full of hidden dramatic tension - attract the viewers by the acute characteristics, delicate mood and polysemantic content. The use of thematic principle and the element of game helps the author to embody in these works his conception of the art purpose and the nature of beauty.

The exhibition is supported by Jialong Group