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  • O. Kiprensky. Portrait of E. Davydov. 1809. Oil on canvas. 162х116
  • A. Venecianov. Big French Army… Caricature. 1813. Сolored etching on paper. 14.2х24.2; 33.7х43.7; 23.8х28.2
  • P. Zabolotsky. Veteran of the War of the 1812 Year (Andreev). Oil on canvas. 75x57
  • A.-A. Adam. Apotheosis of Alexander I. 1813-1814. Porcelain, overglaze painting, gilding, diverging pattern.41. 5x36.9
  • I. Terebenev. Dance of Napoleon. Caricature. 1813. Сolored etching on paper. 13.2х25; 31.5х36; 20.8х26.3
  • I. Luchaninov. Blessing of Trainer of 1812 year. 1812. Oil on canvas. 198x140
  • O. Kiprensky. Portrait of M. Lanskoy. 1813. Italian pencil on paper. 26x20.7
  • V. Shebuev. Defeat Corps of General Vandam of the August 18, 1813 near the Village Kulm. Fragment. 1813. Charcoal pencil paper. 56.1 x96.6
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11 July 2012 - 29 April 2013
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of the 1812 year as the significant historical event that had evoked the patriotic enthusiasm and consolidation of nation and became one of the most glorious pages in the heroic past of Russia. The exposition is formed on the base of different collections of the Russian Museum and presents the portraits (particularly the famous portrait of E.Davydov by O.Kiprensky) and miniatures that commemorated the generals and officers – the participants of the Patriotic War, with Mikhail Kutuzov, Barklay de Tolli among them. The exhibition is supplemented with the applied art works. The articles of porcelain and glass with the portraits of the heroes of battles, that were executed on the Emperor’s Porcelain Factory and private factories, testify that the theme of the whole people’s struggle and victory over Napoleon was spread among all the views and genres of the fine arts in the time of the Patriotic War of the 1812 year and during many decades since its completion.