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  • Pinega and Mezen District.2010. Acrylic and levkas on canvas. 105х140
  • Church of the Ascension of Christ. Onega District. 2010. Acrylic and levkas on canvas.140х110
  • Kiy Island. 2009. Acrylic and levkas on canvas. 140х105
  • The White Sea Region. 2009-2010. Acrylic and levkas on canvas. 140х105
  • Valaam Island. Diptych. 2009-2010. Acrylic and levkas on canvas. 140х215
  • Hermitage. 2010. Acrylic and levkas on canvas. 140х105
  • Self-Portrait. 1998. Coloured ink, goose quill and spirit on paper. 30х21
  • Crying. 2002. Ink, spirit and quill on paper. 28х18.5
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01 March - 09 May 2012
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of modern Petersburg artist Vyacheslav Mikhailov presents the series of his new paintings that are united by the theme of the Northern Russia alongside with the less known side of his art such as the graphic works created in different years. The content of his plastic searches is the re-comprehension of the classical tradition by means of the abstract art. The presented series may be regarded as the continuation and evolution of this tendency. The unrepeatable beauty of nature and ancient towns of the Northern Russia is re-comprehended and embodied by master in the conventional images-symbols that are fulfilled with the special plastic force and polysemantics (Belozersk; Veliky Ustyug. Environs; Chapel of St Michael the Archangel; Churchyard. Kizhi Island). The graphic art section includes just a small selection of the works created by artist during last three decades. From the other side these works decisively and fully reflects another, figurative side of his art. In his self-portraits, numerous versions of the traditional Artist and His Model theme and in the religious motifs Vyacheslav Mikhailov appears as the master of the expressive and keen imaginative characteristics that have dramatic or philosophic sonority.