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  • Viktor Kalechenkov.  Sovereign. 2010. 50х50
  • Kirill Ivanov. Dandelion Wine. 2010. 34х50.5
  • Irina Minaeva. For Three. 2010. 38x50
  • Dmitry Morozov. Stair. 2006. 50х35
  • Aleksandr Chernetsky. Nib Point of Memories. 2010. 50х34
  • Vyacheslav Ivanov. Teenager in a Tangle of Contradictions. 2009. 50х33
  • Yakov Agarkov. July Dream. 2011. 30х40
  • Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun. Sorceress Tamara. From the
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23 March - 04 June 2012
Marble Palace

The regular holding of the Museum Photobiennale gives an opportunity to present  art of modern Russian photographers every two years. Photography is the most democratic view of art. Thanks to the informational and technical possibilities and the communication by means of Internet a number of both professional and amateur photographers from different regions of Russia are becoming the participants of the current art process.
In 2011 the Second Museum Photobiennale had started. Once again, as it was two years earlier, the Russian photographers for several months had been sending their works on E-mail of the Russian Museum. From 2000 photos for the second round there were chosen about 1000 ones. Finally 760 printed photos were transferred to the Russian Museum. The program of the Second Museum Photobiennale doesn’t provide the concrete nominations or themes that have strict formulation. This exhibition presents about 350 works that are conventionally divided into 9 thematic sections (Scene, Every Day Life, City, Faces, Still Life, Beauty of Body, Landscapes, Believes, Imagined). The thematic and genre variety of works taking part in the project allows to reveal the different sides of photography art and to demonstrate the expressiveness of its artistic language.
According to the existing tradition during the time of the exhibition there will be held the voting of viewers who can choose the most favored works. On completing of the exhibition the winners will be awarded by special prizes from the partners of the Photobiennale (Yarky Mir Company and the others). The project also gives the Russian Museum an opportunity to continue the enlargement of its collection with the works by modern photographers. On completing of the exhibition the question of inclusion of these photos in the Russian Museum’s collection will be considered by the special Museum commission.

With the financial support of NOVATEK and Peter and Irena Ludwig Foundation