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  • Peasant Boys. 2010.Oil on canvas.130х97
  • Snowstorm.2005. Oil on canvas. 141х197
  • Peasant Concert. 1965. Oil on canvas. 77х96
  • Evening Prayer. 2007. Oil on canvas.130х196
  • Bench. 1984. Oil on canvas.88х160
  • Father and Son. 2004. Oil on canvas.146х114
  • Native House. 2004. Oil on canvas. 149х200
  • Night Train (Diptych). 1982. Oil on canvas. 196х139.196х139
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01 March - 01 April 2012
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of Solomon Rossin who lives and works in France and St.Petersburg presents his paintings that were created in different years. The earliest one is dated 1965. The exhibition that has the author's title Native House includes five thematic parts: The Lessons of Drawing, Little Fire, Open Heart, Charity and Requiem.

Solomon Rossin is the artistic name that Albert Solomonovich Rozin took in the midst of the 1960s while he worked as a school teacher in one of the villages in Arkhangelsk Region. That time had been had been defined the basic subjects of his art that was close to the aesthetics of Non-conformism.

Solomon Rossin aspires to understand the drama of the Russian history of the 20th century as the reflection of the dark and tragic sides of the universe and its deep incomprehensible essence. A humiliated and suffering "little man" whose image frequently appears in the artist’s works is able to turn into the majestic or tragic hero. The sensation of anxiety conveys the emotional manner of painting, the contrast combinations of colours, deformations and displacements of forms. It is no mere chance that many of the presented works may be apprehended as the spiritual self-portraits of the master who reflects on the fate of a lonely and unprotected man in the huge world.