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  • Alkonost. Bird of the Paradise. The late 18th - early 19th century. Etching, graving tool, colored print. Image:37x30;Sheet: 45.5 x37; board:37.5x30.5
  • Seven Deadly Sins. 1820- the 1830's. Etching, graving tool, colored print. Image:34.2x28; Sheet: 43.7x34.8; board:35.7 x29
  • St. Basil the Blessed and St. Maxim the Blessed. 1820-the 1830's. Etching, graving tool, colored print. Image: 36x29.7; Sheet:42.8x35.6; board:38.2x31
  • The Holy Archistrategos Michael - Voivode of Dread Forces. 1820-the 1830's. Etching, graving tool, colored print. Image:34.1x27.7; Sheet: 42.7x37.5; board:36.2 x30.5
  • St. Seraphim of Sarov Feeding a Bear. 1856. Workshop of P. Sharapov. Etching, graving tool. Image:20.1x24.8; Sheet: 29.6x37.5; board:22.7x33.5
  • The Virgin
  • St. John the Baptist. The late  19th - early 20th century. Workshop of I. Sytin. Chromolithograph. Image:39x29.2 l; Sheet:42.3x31.5
  • King and Prophet David. 1903. Workshop of M. Solovyov. Chromolithograph. Image:59.4x81.3; Sheet:64.4x87
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23 August - 15 October 2012
St Michael Castle

The exhibition will bring together the unique examples of the religious folk engraving of the second half of the 18th – beginning of the 20th century from the collection of the Russian Museum that are so-called popular prints presenting the events of the Old and New Testament History, the Lives of the saint hermits and the mostly feared Orthodox sacred things. In the village and town lower everyday life such kind of religious popular prints had substituted the expensive icons.

The exhibition is intended to acquaint viewers with true masterpieces of the popular prints art and to reveal the process of changing of the thematic repertoire, iconography, style and techniques of the popular prints for several centuries. Many of the works are presented for the first time.

For the first time in the museum practice the religious popular prints will be presented together with the icons and folk applied art works having a lot in common with their iconography and techniques. The works are supplied with detailed interactive commentaries. 

The exhibition is supported by Allianz