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From the Private Collection, Moscow

  • Andronov N. Self-portrait at the Museum.  1986-1996. Oil on canvas.90х65
  • Gricay A. Red House. 1979. Paper on fiberboard, oil .59х69.5
  • Ivanov V. Crimea. Kozskay Valley. Oil on canvas. 160х220
  • Korjev G. Adam and Eve. 1996-1998. Oil on canvas.200х120
  • Kurnakov A. Harvest. 1964. Oil on canvas. 68х68
  • Sidorov V. Heavy Carts Creaking. 1995. Oil on canvas. 101х121
  • Stojarov V. Spring Stormy Day. 1965. Oil on cardboard. 45х70
  • Tkachev A., Tkachev S. Summer. 1991. Oil on canvas. 120x140
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04 July - 08 October 2012
Benois Wing

The exhibition presents the works by artists of the after-war time who developed in their art the traditions of Russian realism from the Moscow private collection. The idyllic scenes from the life of Russian and Soviet village in the oeuvre of Tkachev brothers and Valentin Sidorov, lyrical landscapes by Aleksey Gritsay and Sergey Gerasimov are presented in this collection alongside with the works by Gely Korzhev that are fulfilled with tragic reflections on the fate of a man and his place in the social world. These different in an emotional mood and in the author’s interpretation of the Russian realistic tradition artists are common in their sincere love to the Native land and to the epoch they had to live and work in as well as in their principal outlook on the art as the service to the truth.

The exposition includes the works by the classics of the Soviet art: Helium Korzhev, brothers Aleksey Tkachev and Sergey Tkachev, Valentin Sidorov, Vladimir Stozharov, Victor Ivanov, Aleksey Gritsay, Sergey Gerasimov, Pyotr Ossovskiy, Nikolai Andronov, Natalia Egorshina, Ivan Sorokin, Yuri Kugach alongside with the sculptures by Mikhail Pereyaslavez, Ivan Korzhev, Alexander Burganov, Ivan Tarasiuk. The exhibition that embrace the period since the midst of the 1950’s till the 2000’s must essentially extend the idea of the creative oeuvre of artists who are known to the viewers for the permanent exposition of the Russian Museum and put together the works by such masters as Andrei Kurnakov, Alexander Gritsay, Mikhail Kugach who did not participate in the exhibition projects of the Russian Museum earlier.

The exhibition is supported by the most significant Russian and foreign companies, among them Magnezit Group ZAO Raiffeisenbank, Ernst & Young, Roullier Group, ANH Refractories Company, E. K. W. GmbH ,Knöllinger FLO-TEC GmbH, SMS Siemag AG.