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  • Portrait of Africa № 12. Loxodonta. Serengeti. 2009. Cotton paper, pigment print.110х80
  • Portrait of Africa № 10. Ciconia ciconia. Serengeti. 2010. Cotton paper, pigment print. 70х90
  • Portrait of Africa №11. Pantera pardus Linnaeus. Okavango Delta, Botswana. 2010. Cotton paper, pigment print. 80х90
  • Portrait of Africa № 19. Rhinocerotidae. Lake Nakuru. 2002. Cotton paper, pigment print.77х60
  • Portrait of Africa № 21. Rhinocerotidae. Pinda, South Africa. 2010. Cotton paper, pigment print.76х98
  • Portrait of Africa №  42. Loxodonta. Okavango Delta. 2010. Cotton paper, pigment print.85х183
  • Portrait of Africa № 45.Tragelaphus strepsiceros. Serengeti. 2010. Cotton paper, pigment print.80х122
  • Portrait of Africa № 57.Ceratotherium simum. Lake Nakuru. 2011. Cotton paper, pigment print.70х90
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04 October - 05 November 2012
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition acquaints with the series that unites 64 works by the well-known contemporary Russian photographer who had a trip across Africa and portrayed the unique beauty of landscape of this exotic land and its inhabitants – the representatives of the various world of wild nature that is removed from destructive force of civilization and preserves its independence. The individual author’s vision of the image of Africa is revealed expressively with its new sides in the magnificent portraits of wild animals and astonishing landscapes. The use of monochrome photograph technique gives Anton Lyalin an opportunity to render the sense of plastic form and energy of movement and to convey the nuances of light and shadow that endows each of his shots with special aesthetic richness of content.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Lumier brothers Center of Photography (Moscow)