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NIKOLAY FESHIN (1881-1955)

  • Portrait of Unknown Woman. (A Lady in Purple). Sketch. 1908. Oil on canvas. 102х79
  • Portrait of the Artist Konstantin Lepilov.1909. Oil on canvas. 113х93.3
  • Portrait of Young Woman (Natalya Podbelskaya).1916. Oil on canvas on cardboard. 52х48
  • Portrait of the Architect Sergey Ovsyannikov.1908 (1909?). Oil on cardboard, canvas. 83х60.2
  • Portrait of the Artist Vitaly Tihiy. 1916. Oil on canvas. 144х86
  • Portrait of the David Burliuk. Sketch. 1923. Oil on canvas. 40х32.5
  • Roundelay. 1910s.Oil on canvas.54.5x100
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29 February - 09 May 2012
Benois Wing

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of the world famous Russian artist who emigrated in 1923 and later lived and worked in the United States of America. The exposition includes about 100 paintings and graphic works from the collections of the Russian Museum, State Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSIZO, the State Museum of the Republic of Chuvashia (Cheboksary), the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Cultural and Historical Museum Complex of Kozmodemyansk, Vyatsky Art Museum named after Victor and Apollinariy Vasnetsov (Kirov), the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Scientific-Research Museum of the Academy of Art and from the galleries and private collections of Russia, the United States of America and Switzerland.

In his early works Feshin created his individual known style that is distinguished by the masterly using of line, rich subtle differences of complex color alterations and increased emotionality of the free manner of painting. The image decision of portraits of the 1900-1910’s that brought the master fame and recognition, is marked by the organic combination of the plastic discoveries of Impressionism, Modern style and traditions of the realistic painting.

The exposition presents famous and less known works by Feshin that were created in St. Petersburg and Kazan where the master in pre-revolutionary decade had created his own school of painting and lights up the American period of his art (1920-1950’s) in sufficient fullness. Alongside with portraits where the outstanding talent of Feshin is mostly reflected itself mostly brightly, there are presented his early thematic works, paintings and graphic studies of the artist's models, the examples of still lifes and landscapes and the images of the inhabitants of the South-West regions of the United States of America that formed the special significant page in the master’s art as well as in the history of American culture.