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  • Shamoly. Bangladesh. Theme “Portraits”. Giclee, canvas.40x60
  • Colorful Warrior. Papua New Guinea. ”. Giclee, canvas. 40x60
  • Fatal Shrine. Rwanda. Giclee, canvas. 27x40
  • Comforting Hug. Ethiopia. Giclee, canvas. 30x20
  • Morning Meal. Ethiopia. Giclee, canvas. 30x20
  • Hard Work. Bangladesh. Giclee, canvas. 30x20
  • Small Harvest. Nepal. Giclee, canvas. 27x40
  • Sunset Ridge. United States. Giclee, canvas. 27x40
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07 June - 13 August 2012
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of the well-known American public activist, philanthropist and conservationist who became also the significant figure in the world of artistic photography. The main content of the works by Howard Buffett who had visited more than 100 countries consists in researching of communication of man and natural and social surroundings. Along with works on view devoted to the diversified and fanciful animal life this exhibition is focused specifically on the artist’s subject and portrait photographs where the story of the Third world is comprehended through the images of its singular representatives.

The exhibition is supported by the Foundation for International Arts and Education (FIAE)