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  • BA-Ch 53. 2008. 95x140
  • R-XVI. «Rune of the Mountain». 2009. 140x100
  • WA-07. 2005-2006. 95x140
  • BA-Ch 69. 2008. 95x140
  • M-03. 2002.112x140
  • WA-57. 2010. 160x100
  • Dream II-07. 2011. 80x120
  • M-01g. 2012. 115x140
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28 June - 23 July 2012
Marble Palace

For the first time an exhibition acquaints Russian viewer with creative oeuvre of a modern German artist who embodies in the visible images the immaterial nature of music. Christian Schutz’s interest to the communication between painting and music was formed in many ways under the influence of the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach as well as of the modern electronic and minimalist music. His works are presenting themselves the original musical scores that are written on the language of painting, graphic and, mostly, of the modern computer technologies. The artist transforms the basic categories of music (temp, rhythm, pauses, duration of execution) into the sign images that are figurative or conventional and abstract. Christian Schutz possesses himself as the artist-researcher. In the Runеs, Chakona and Wanderer. Epos cycles the object of the author’s attention is the process of creation and visualization of signs and also the character of their perception, interpretation and prevalence in context of actual problems of the modern culture. The important sides of Christian Schutz’s world outlook are revealed in the works where the runic writings of Ancient Iceland, masterpieces of painting and the images of famous representatives of the European Renaissance and New Time culture are becoming the part of the fascinating poly-semantic space that is created by the artist.