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  • Army of Irritation. 2001. Oil on canvas.120x100
  • The Society of Good Inventions and Hidden Aims. 2003. Oil on canvas. 85х200
  • The-Dream-of-Young-Moon. 2004. Oil on canvas. 190х260
  • Two Solitaries. The Beginning. 2004. Oil on canvas. 80х120
  • Gone out Sun. 2005. Oil on canvas. 75х65
  • My Soul (to Beksinski). 2006. Oil on canvas. 75х70
  • Three Light Feelings: The Health, the Love, the Happiness. 2007. Oil on canvas.120x100
  • Seven Happy Gold Coins. 2008. Oil on canvas. 100х100
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16 June - 25 July 2011
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of Victor Safonkin – the Russian artist who lives and works in Czech Republic, the owner of the Diploma of the Czech Academy named after T. Masarik, the Franz Kafka Medal, granted by the European Academy in Prague, and the Prize of the International Alliance of Salvador Dali. The content of the artist’s creative oeuvre is the re-comprehension of the iconography principles, themes and images of the art of Middle Ages and Renaissance according to the cultural experience and the peculiarities of the contemporary man’s world outlook. The grotesque combination of reality and fantasy in the works by Victor Safonkin finds its sources in the traditions of Gothic Art, in the creative oeuvre of the artists of the North Renaissance and Mannerism (Ieronim Bosch, Matias Grunewald, Giuseppe Archimboldo and the others) and also in the works by representatives of the allegorical painting of the 18th century, the early European Symbolism and Surrealism.