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The Russian Museum

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  • Vladimir Andreenkov. Transformation. Recollection of Rembrandt. 3rd Version. 1965-2000. Oil on canvas. 92 x 65
  • Alexei Kamensky. Evening at the Embankment. 1998. Oil on canvas. 70х50
  • Andrei Krasulin. Fence. 1982. Wood, Cardboard and Tempera. 36x47x8
  •  Boris Otarov. Sun in the Mountains. 1982. Collage on cardboard. 63х80
  •  Marlen Spindler. Family Portrait. 1974. Tempera on sackсloth. 107 x 173
  •  Igor Vulokh. Landscape. 1970. Oil on orgalite. 50 x 70
  • Valery Yurlov. Matching Forms. Object. 1958. Оrgalite, wood, metal, synthetic foam, oil. 38x40
  • Yuri Zlotnikov. From the Series “Abstraction”. 1990. Gouache on paper. 60x86