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  • Vladimir Andreenkov. Transformation. Recollection of Rembrandt. 3rd Version. 1965-2000. Oil on canvas. 92 x 65
  • Alexei Kamensky. Evening at the Embankment. 1998. Oil on canvas. 70х50
  • Andrei Krasulin. Fence. 1982. Wood, Cardboard and Tempera. 36x47x8
  •  Boris Otarov. Sun in the Mountains. 1982. Collage on cardboard. 63х80
  •  Marlen Spindler. Family Portrait. 1974. Tempera on sackсloth. 107 x 173
  •  Igor Vulokh. Landscape. 1970. Oil on orgalite. 50 x 70
  • Valery Yurlov. Matching Forms. Object. 1958. Оrgalite, wood, metal, synthetic foam, oil. 38x40
  • Yuri Zlotnikov. From the Series “Abstraction”. 1990. Gouache on paper. 60x86
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19 May - 14 August 2011
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents 65 works by the nonconformist artists of the second half of the   20th - beginning of the 21th centuries from the Nadja Brykina Gallery that is the most significant art gallery of Zurich (Switzerland) and one of the greatest abroad collection of the Russian art. The exposition includes painting, sculpture and art objects of eight artists, such as Vladimir Andreenkov, Igor Vuloch, Jury Zlotnikov, Alexey Kamenskiy, Andrei Krasulin, Boris Otarov, Marlen Shpindler and Valery Jurlov. For the first time they are gathered in the common exhibition space by their belonging to Nonconformism, one of the most significant phenomenon in the Soviet Art History.  The essence of their art is the confirmation of their individual vision and interpretation of the world based on the continuation and re-comprehension of the aesthetic of Russian and Western Avant-Garde of the first half of the 20th century.