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  • V. Makovsky Creating the Portrait of Empress Marie Feodorovna in His Studio. Photograph by K. Bulla. 1911. Silver bromide print. Image: 28.7 х 22.6, sheet: 32.1 х 24.6
  • F. Moller. Photograph by G. Auger.1860s. Albumen print. Image: 24.1 х 19.3, sheet: 39.8 х 30.3
  • P. Brullov in the Studio in the Russian Museum. Unknown photographer. 1900s. Silver bromide print. Image: 28.6 х 23.1 , sheet: 50.5 х 35.2
  • M. Mikeshin (in the centre) and a Group of Artists in the Garden of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Photograph by A. Kashchenko.1888. Albumen print. Image: 22.9 х 28, sheet: 34.3 х 39.5
  • Portrait of V. Stasov. Photograph by K. Bulla. Early 1900s. Silver bromide print. Image: 29.6 х 21.8, sheet: 30.3 х 22.4
  • N. Kharitonov in His Studio. Photograph by Y. Steinberg. 20 January 1915. Silver bromide print (?). 17.7х 23.4
  • K. Somov in Aladdin Dress. Photograph by F. Boissonnas and F. Eggler atelier.1906 - 1907. Albumen print, sepia. Image: 15 х 9.7, sheet: 28.4 х 21.2
  • Somov Family in their Country-House in Pavlovsk. Unknown photographer. 1892. Silver bromide print. Image: 17.6 х 22.8., sheet:  24 х 33.9
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17 November 2011 - 20 January 2012
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents the historic and archive photography of the midst of the 19th - first half of the 20th century in the wide thematic range and variety of artistic and technical peculiarities. The exposition including about 400 photographs from the collections of 24 museums, archives and libraries of St Petersburg and Moscow is organized according to the specific features of forming of the collections where these exhibits were originally placed.

The main genres and varieties of the historic and archive photography (the portrait  photography, genre scenes, photo reportage, ethnographical and documental photos) are presented by works by the famous masters of the Russian and foreign photography (A.Davinyon, G.Veninger, M.Abadi, S.Levitsky, A.Denier, I.Bianki, A.Laurens, V.Karrik, A.Karelin, K.Bulla, I.Boldyrev, M.Nappelbaum, K.Arapov, A.Shaikhet, I.Shagin, M.Markov and others). These exhibits show the little-known collections and give viewers an opportunity to appreciate the richness of the photography heritage that is concentrated in the great museums.

The exposition is supplemented by the unique examples of the photo-technique of the midst of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century (cameras, objectives, laboratory techniques and etc. from the collection of the Museum of the History of Photography (St. Petersburg).

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation