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Olga Veselova and Nikolay Gushchin – Outstanding Artists of Modern Hohloma

23 March - 09 May 2011
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition presenting the works by the Honored Artist of Russia Olga Veselova and the People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Gushchin is devoted to the artists' anniversaries. O. Veselova and N. Gushchin are working in the Koverninsky region of the Nigniy Novgorod district on the homeland of the Hohloma painted wood articles - one of the symbols of Russia. O. Veselova is the active participant of the exhibitions and art competitions from 1945, laureate of the State prize named after Ilya Repin. O. Veselova is the author of such well-known types of the Hohloma painted wood articles as the green gooseberry on the black background, black currant with the golden leaf on the read background and the original ornamental compositions with golden leaves of chestnut-tree, oak-tree and grape.

N. Gushchin belongs to the hereditary people's masters of the modern Hohloma. From the 1980's his works are being constantly presented on the international, all-Russian and regional exhibitions. N. Gushchin became famous as the inimitable master of the grass-painting.


Exhibition is organized in collaboration with Nigniy Novgorod District Department of the Russian Union of Artists and the Russian Art Closed Joint-Stock Company