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  • Self-Portrait. 1987. Oil on canvas. 221/4x 301/4 inches
  • Diana # 1. 2010. Oil on canvas. 63 3/4x 38 3/4 inches
  • William J. Clinton. 2005-2006. Oil on canvas. 90x48 inches
  • Portrait of His Holiness, John Paul II. 2002. Oil on canvas. 54x50 inches
  • Mstislav Rostropovich. Oil on canvas. 62x51 inches
  • Pigtails. 2004. Oil on canvas. 20x28 inches
  • Green Girl. 2007. Oil on canvas. 34x20 1/4 inches
  • Pumpkin. 2003. Oil on canvas. 20x24 inches
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02 June - 18 July 2011
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition presents the works by Nelson Shanks from the museums and private collections of the United States of America and other countries. Shanks is the world-wide famous artist, art-historian, teacher and collector, one of the most prominent portraitists in contemporary America. Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Pope Joann Pawl the Second, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Tetchier, Mstislav Rostropovich and other well-known politicians, scientists and cultural figures were commemorated by Shanks in the works presented on the exhibition. The highest skill helps the author to create the utmost authentic but complicated image that reveals the hidden sides of the model's inner development. Working in the genres of the ceremonial portrait, allegorical composition and still life, Shanks appears as the successor of the academic school of painting with its predilection for strict completed form. The penetration into the essence of portrayal by means of using a realist painting manner is the main artist's task in every genre he is working in.