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  • M. Matiushin. Female Figure Dancing. 1915-16. Root. 44x46.5x18
  • Yu. Kugach. At the Festival (On a Day Off). Oil on canvas.157x248
  • Ph. Malyavin. Dancing Peasant Woman. 1913. Oil on canvas. 210x125
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08 September - 07 November 2011
Marble Palace

The exhibition for the first time so fully presents the variety of the interpretations of the phenomena of dance as a significant aesthetic category from the beginning of the 20th century till nowadays. The exposition includes sculptures, paintings, graphic works, photographs and video art works from the collection of the Russian Museum and private collections.

Dance is a unique form of spatial arts that combines the elitism and democratic character. It keenly reflected the changes in the spiritual culture in the 20th century when the aesthetic potential of dance that absorbed the achievements of the earlier epochs and innovations of modernity revealed itself so fully. In the works that are presented at the exhibition the dance as the special type of communication and the form of the artistic self-expression is embodied in the categories of movement and form that are significant for the fine arts. The exposition reveals its theme both in depiction of the scenes and plots connected with the traditional forms of dance (classical, folk or ritual) and allegorically. Original and sometimes unexpected embodiment the motif of dance finds in the works by artists of the Russian Avant-Garde and Contemporary art (M. Matushin, P. Konchalovsky, I. Lizak, D. Kaminker, V. Apuchtina and others). In the abstract compositions the rhythm of lines or color drops might be comprehended as the dance created by the dynamics of forms and their plastic intercommunication. The works that are presented at the exhibition reflect the diversity of stylistic approaches to the bright and inspired world of dance.


Exhibition is organized in framework of The Dyagilev. Postscript Festival and supported by VTB Bank and Peter and Irene Ludwig Art Foundation.