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  • Portrait of the Artist T. Lyubatovich (1859-1932). Second part of 1880s. Oil on canvas. 160x84
  • Portrait of the Artist Feodor Chaliapin (1873-1938). 1911. Oil on canvas. 65x81
  • Self-portrait. 1938. Oil, tempera on paper. 60x49.5
  • Paris on July, 14th. First part of 1900s. Oil on canvas.64x46
  •  Portrait of the N. Komarovskaya. 1908. Canvas on cardboard, tempera. 33х22.2
  • Village Landscape with a Bridge. 1919. Oil on canvas.66.5x87
  • Autumn. Ostrovki.1912. Oil on canvas.67x87.5
  • Spring.1917. Oil on canvas.88.5x66.5
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10 August - 08 November 2011
Benois Wing

The exhibition, devoted to the 150th birth anniversary of Konstantin Korovin (1861 - 1939) for the first time in such a great and diverse scale presents the creative oeuvre of the world-famous Russian artist. About 250 works from the Russian art, theatre, musical and literary museums and the private collections reflect the basic stages of the artist's creative path from the works that were made in the beginning of the 1880's and considered as the innovatory phenomenon in the Russian painting of this period, to the 1920-1930's when Korovin lived and worked in emigration in France. Alongside with the art works there are presented the documental materials connected with Korovin's life and art.

The freshness and naturalness of comprehension of the outworld, free and impassioned manner of painting, life-asserting characteristic of the images brought the artist the well-deserved fame of the greatest representative of the so-called Russian Impressionism. The outstanding talent of Konstantin Korovin, who is the prominent master of landscape and still life painting, is also fully and diversely revealed in his portraits and genre works (A Chorister Women, Beside the Balcony. Spanish Women, Portrait of T. Liubatovich, Paper Lanterns, Portrait of Fyodor Shalyapin and the others). At the exhibition Korovin's art development is presented also by the stage design works and the newly restored complex of the painted panels that decorated the walls of the Russian Pavilion on the Parisian World Fair in 1900.


Sponsors of the exhibition are VTB Bank, OJSC Lukoil and OJSC Severstal.