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  • Lucia Sisti. Altitude. 2500. Contemporary print. 1955. 39.7 х 29.5
  • Gianni Borghesan. On the road. 1954. Gelatine Silver print, contemporary print. 26. 7 х 26. 7
  • Paolo  Monti. Florence, Bridge of Santa Trinità. About 1975. Contemporary print. 29. 5 х 39. 5
  • Luca  Maria Patella. Inclinare meridiem sentis. Montefolle. 1985. Digital print. 46. 5 х 46. 5
  • Olivo Barbieri. Milan. 1986. Color Print. 17 х 35
  • Roberto  Salbitani. From «The Invaded City. Padua». 1972. Gelatine Silver print -  Vintage print. 27 х 41. 5
  • Gabriele  Basilico. Stock Exchange. Trieste. 1996. Gelatine Silver print -  Vintage print. 35 х 45
  • Brigitte Niedermair.  Madame Hirsch. 2009. C  print on aluminium.             145 х 175 х 7
  • Fulvio Roiter. Venice. 2003. Digital print.  23. 5 х 35
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31 March - 23 May 2011
Stroganov Palace

Within the framework of the Year of Italian Language and Culture in Russia the Russian Museum presents the exhibition revealing the basic stages and tendencies in the development of the Italian landscape photography from neorealism to conceptual art. Exhibition presents the photos from the GRAF, La Gondola and Touring Club Italiano archives, Galica Gallery and the private collections. Among the earliest photos there are presented the works of the after-war decade showing the documental or neorealist way in the Italian photography. The period from the 1960’s to 1980’s is marked by appearance of new themes and subjects that have a special actuality up to now. Among them there is the extermination of nature as the result of a human negligence, the negative sides of the invasion of the modern architecture and advertisement in the urban space, the incessant changes of the natural landscape. In the landscape photos of the 1990s–2000s the traditional and innovatory means of expressiveness, the realistic and abstract forms, documental exactness and the high measure of the artistic generalization are organically combined.

Exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg and the CRAF Center of Research and Archiviation of Photography (Italy).