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The Russian Museum

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  • Icon. Miracle of St. George and the Dragon. Second quarter of 15th c. Novgorod. Wood(two boards, two single-end dowels), tempera. 58.5х42х3
  • Icon. Synaxis of Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Latter half of 13th c. Veliky Ustyug (?). Wood(four boards, two external dowels, two end dowels), pavoloka, tempera.165х118х3.3
  • Icon. Sts. John of the Ladder, George and Blaise.Latter half of 13th c. Novgorod. Wood (two boards, traces of the original end and external back dowels, later opposing dowels), pavoloka, tempera.108.7х67.5х3.4
  • Icon. Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica. Second quarter – mid 15th c. Pskov. Wood (pine, two boards, two full-length insert dowels), kovcheg, pavoloka, tempera. 87.8х66.8х3.6
  • Icon.St. Cyril of Belozersk, with his vita in twenty-one border scenes. Early 16th c. Dionysius and his workshop. Moscow. Wood (two pine boards, two opposing embedded dowels), kovcheg, pavolok.  150.5х116.7
  • Fragment of the Diadem. 12th c. Kiev. Gold, pearls, cloisonné.34x5.7x0.5
  • Icon. The Descent into Hell with Deesis and selected saints. Late 14th to mid-15th c. Pskov. Wood (two boards, two (later) full-length dowels), pavoloka , tempera 82х66х2.7