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  • George Averin
  • Kseniya Chuvaeva
  • Maria Bruckschen
28 October - 17 November 2011
St. Michael's Castle

The international exhibition of the children's photograph is the artistic and educational Photo-project that united the young masters of photograph from Cologne, Turku and St. Petersburg. The exhibition shows what the young Finns, Germans and Russians are interested in.

In the program of the events within the framework of the exhibition meetings of youth, the master-classes of the Russian and foreign photographs and the concerts of the masters of art from Turku and St. Petersburg will be held.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Department of Education and Museum Administration of Turku, The Consulate-General of Finland, the House of Friendship with Foreign Countries (St. Petersburg) and the other organizations.

This project have been already held in the Central Library of Turku. The photo-works by the scholars and students from Turku - the Cultural Capital of the Europe 2011 - were presented during the days of Turku in St. Petersburg on May, 2011 in the Library named after A. Chekhov. On September, 2011 this project was held in Cologne. The main and the final exposition of this international project that is supervised by Vesa Aaltonen, the well-known Finnish photo-artist, will be held in the Russian Museum.