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  • Hunt. 1989. Oil on canvas. 150х100
  • Wolf Hunting. 1989. Oil on canvas.190x150
  • Red Animal.1990. Oil on canvas.150x130
  • Triptych «Conflict-1». 1989. Oil on canvas. 115x115
  • Triptych « Conflict -3», 1989. Oil on canvas. 115x115
  • People in Bright Clothes. 1989. Oil on canvas. 160x150
  • People in Bright Clothes-1. 1990. Oil on canvas. 160x150
  • Russia. 1990. Oil on canvas. 195х130
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11 August - 03 October 2011
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of the contemporary Russian artist Grigory Dembovsky presents 55 works that were created in the 1980’s–2000’s, from the artist’s studio and the other private collections.

The organic combination of expressive means typical to the Expressionism and the Moscow school of painting of the first third of the 20th century are in the basis of the artist’s recognizable style, which essence is allegorically revealed in the title of the exhibition. The dramatic tension of the canvas is increased by using of free dynamic manner of painting, intensive contrasts of color and combination of the symbolic summarized forms regardless of the genre and theme Dembovsky is working in. The sharp, sometimes unusual way of interpretation of the traditional religious, genre and animalistic themes (Crucifixion, The Last Supper, A Hunting, Engagement with a Bull, Last Chance, A Wounded Soldier) helps the author to create the laconic and capacious metaphors of the human being and of the inconstant inner development of the artist.


The exhibition is supported by TNK Art Gallery, Moscow.