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  • 1.	Severin Infante, Sofia Infante. From the Series “Practice of Light”. 2009. Photography light installation. 90х120
  • Vladimir Kozin. Paradise. 2009. Tire, wire; twisting, backlighting. 61х65х20
  • Ilya Kabakov, Emilia Kabakova. Toilet. 2004. Installation. 228х126
  • Ivan Govorkov, Elena Gubanova. Entrance and Exit. 2010. Object. Plywood, metal, oil, enamel, silver print
  • Petr Shvetsov. Tile. Installation. The sizes vary
  • Leonid Borisov. Door. 1998. Oil on canvas. 65х50
  • Dmitry Shorin. Natasha Rostova. From the Series «Desktop “War and Peace». 2009. Oil on canvas. 147х198
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28 April - 20 June 2011
Marble Palace

The exhibition reveals the variety of senses and meanings that the image of gates and doors acquired on different stages of the development of the Russian and World artistic culture. The sacral meaning of this image in the artworks of the Old Russian Art was replaced by the new approaches to its interpretation in the creative oeuvre of artists who worked in the 19th - beginning of the 21th centuries. The significant part of the exposition includes the works by the representatives of contemporary art. Together with the paintings and graphic works there are presented photographs, installations, art-objects and video-art works. The gates and doors in the works by I. Kabakov, O. Kulik, S. Bugayev (Afrika), Severin and Sofia Infante and the other modern artists are appearing first of all as the symbolic designation of the borders, crossings and transitions in a real environment of everyday life and in a cultural space connected with the centuries-old spiritual experience of the mankind.