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  • Bogolyubov.A. Nizny Novgorod. Nizny Bazaar. 1861. Oil on canvas. 31.5x49
  • Vorobyev M. View of Grodno. 1833. Oil on canvas. 60x83
  • Martynov A. View of Lake Baikal. 1806-1810. Watercolours, ink on paper. 37.1х46.1
  • Maximov V. Blind Master. 1884. Oil on canvas.52х61
  • Pavlov S. Vasilyevsky Island Landscape. 1923. Oil on canvas. 89х76
  • Kramskoy I. Insulted Jewish Boy. 1874. Oil on canvas. 55.5x43.8
  • Plakhov L. The Old Woman. First part of 1830s. Oil on canvas. 45x40
  • Fedotov P. Wintry Day. Twentieth Line of Vasilyevsky Island. 1850-1851.Oil on canvas. 19х24
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24 November 2011 - 09 February 2012
Benois Wing


The exhibition is devoted to the Russian art of the 18th - beginning of the 21 centuries where the significant and versatile theme of outskirt received the various interpretation. The exposition includes about 100 paintings, graphic works, sculptures and applied art works from the collection of the Russian Museum.

The concept of outskirt is revealed at the exhibition variously, sometimes unexpectedly, depending on the task that each of the artists set himself. The range of these meanings is very wide - from the depiction of the everyday occasions that take part on the outskirt of a large town to the image of outskirt as a philosophic concept connected with the reflections about homeland or the fate of a Man in the world. In the exposition the chamber motifs such as the images of the working-class district or the scenes of a regular life in provincial towns are presented together with imposing panoramas of the Russian nature and the works devoted to the theme of wandering or the motif of the overcoming of Russian edgeless expanses. The significant role here plays the artistic comprehension of problem of  communication between the centre and outlying areas and the motif of a board between the natural world and the world created by a man. The exposition unites the works by important masters (F.Alekseev, A.Martynov, I.Ermenev, A.Orlovsky, I. Kramskoy, M.Chagall, R.Falk, N.Goncharova, A.Lentulov, P.Nikonov, G.Korgev and others) and less known artists, presenting different trends and stages of the development of Russian art.


The exhibition is supported by Sistema Finance Investments, OJSC Mobile TeleSystems and OJSC Severstal .