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  • “Skopkar” dipper. 19th century. Permogorye, Solvychegod District, Vologda Province. Wood. 27 x 29.5 x 51.5. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Towel. 19th century. Tula Province. Embroidery with closing seam and double-sided stitch. 224 x 38. Collection of N. Dmitriyev-Orenburgsky
  • Spice-cake board. Master Matvey Voroshin. 1779. Vladimir Province. Wood, carving. 49 x 38 x 5. Collection of N. Likhachev
  • Basket. First quarter of the 18th century. Wood, metal, painting on bast. 39 х 40 х 59. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Towel tail. Late 19th century. Kaluga Province. Flax, paper. 37 x 15. Collection of I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova
  • Girl’s head-dress. 19th century. Threading with nacre, coloured glass. 9x32. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Mug-jug. Mid-19th century. Permogorye, Solvychegod District, Vologda Province. Wood, carving, painting. 21 x 18 x 21.5
  • Neckpiece. First half of the 19th century. Kargopol District, Olonets Province. Flax, cotton, silk, metal thread, double-sided stitch.17 x 24.5. Сollection of  I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova