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From the "Not for personal gain:" series. "Collections and Collectors from the Russian Museum"

  • “Skopkar” dipper. 19th century. Permogorye, Solvychegod District, Vologda Province. Wood. 27 x 29.5 x 51.5. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Towel. 19th century. Tula Province. Embroidery with closing seam and double-sided stitch. 224 x 38. Collection of N. Dmitriyev-Orenburgsky
  • Spice-cake board. Master Matvey Voroshin. 1779. Vladimir Province. Wood, carving. 49 x 38 x 5. Collection of N. Likhachev
  • Basket. First quarter of the 18th century. Wood, metal, painting on bast. 39 х 40 х 59. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Towel tail. Late 19th century. Kaluga Province. Flax, paper. 37 x 15. Collection of I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova
  • Girl’s head-dress. 19th century. Threading with nacre, coloured glass. 9x32. Collection of A. Polovtsov
  • Mug-jug. Mid-19th century. Permogorye, Solvychegod District, Vologda Province. Wood, carving, painting. 21 x 18 x 21.5
  • Neckpiece. First half of the 19th century. Kargopol District, Olonets Province. Flax, cotton, silk, metal thread, double-sided stitch.17 x 24.5. Сollection of  I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova
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21 July - 31 October 2011
Benois Wing

For the first time the exhibition sufficiently fully presents the most aesthetic valuable collections of the works by folk masters from the collection of the Russian Museum and clearly reflects the contribution of each collector in the treasury of Russian art. The exposition includes the art works from the collections of N. Shabelskaya, S. Davydova, N. Lihachev, A. Polovtsov, F. Pliushkin, the artists N. Dmitriev-Orenburgsky, V. Lebedev and the other Russian collectors. There are presented the unique samples of wood carving, wooden and clay toy, embroidery, lacquer miniature and the other forms of folk art from the Russian greatest art centers (Palech, Giostovo, Dymkovskaya Sloboda, Bogorodskoye, Velikiy Ustiug, Sergiev Posad and the others).

The exhibition presents not only the individual passions of the owners of the folk art works but also the main tendencies of gathering in Russia in the 19th - 20th centuries.


The exhibition is organized with the support of OJSC Mobile TeleSystems, Sistema Finance Investments