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24 March - 16 May 2011
Marble Palace

On the exhibition devoted to the 95th birth anniversary of the Moscow artist Alexander Tikhomirov (1916-1995) there are presented 50 paintings and graphic works. The artist's works reflect the many-sided talent and the master's broad stylistic scope, reveal the basic stages of the artist's long creative way.

In the 1960-1980's simultaneously with the execution of monumental works - portraits of Lenin and the leaders of the Communist Party, Alexander Tikhomirov created the works with symbolic content, devoted to the Biblical scenes and to the East, theatre and circus themes. Being inspired by the masterpieces of artists of the Renaissance epoch and innovatory trends of the 20th century, by the works of the dramatic art, cinema and symphony music, the artist tried to learn the meaning of being in the emotional images, fulfilled with the strong energy. The main heroes of Tikhomirov's works, presented on the exhibition are strangers and prisoners, gamblers, musicians, acrobats and jesters - people who are living in the fanciful colorful world of the author's fantasies, reflections and disturbing premonitions.