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  • Сaryatid-Supersonic. 2011. Bronze. H – 375
  • Olimpia MMXI.2011. Tempera and sepia on paper.90х140
  • Axis III. 2010. Tempera, oil  and sepia on paper.60х140
  • Currus II. 2010. Bronze. H. – 65
  • Currus I. 2010. Bronze. H. – 65
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15 December 2011 - 18 January 2012
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of contemporary Russian artist Aleksey Morozov presents over 48 sculptures, paintings and graphic works that formed the Antologia new author's project. In Morozov's creative oeuvre the aesthetic program of the New Academy of Fine Arts that was created by Timur Novikov and recognized as the significant phenomenon in the art of St. Petersburg in the 1990's -2000's, finds its individual interpretation. The Antologia project may be regarded as a natural result of Aleksey Morozov's sojourn in Italy - the country that became for him the embodiment of the concept of the Antique Art. The unattainable perfection of the famous masterpieces by sculptors of Ancient Greece and Rome is comprehended all over again by the artist in the polysemantic images that are going back to the antique mythology and history that are included in the space of cultural experience of a modern man. The heroes that are marked by inspired beauty and imposing harmony seem to be protecting themselves from the threat of invisible aggressive force in the most part of presented works. The high skill of execution, natural combination of tradition and innovation, canonical and spontaneous helps Aleksey Morozov to discover the new possibilities of plastic language of the Antique Art and to emphasize the eternal significance of its humanistic ideals.

The exhibition is organized with the support of: