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To the 65th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory

  • Е. Е. Лансере. Победа. Эскиз росписи Казанского вокзала в Москве.1945. Холст, темпера. 327 х 271
29 April - 10 June 2010
Benois Wing

Exhibition is devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. The exposition includes about 60 paintings, graphic and sculpture works from the collection of the State Russian Museum. The works of artists of different generations are connected with the theme of the nation-wide heroic deed in the years of the Great Patriotic War and Victory Day as both the glad and solemn holiday.
Together with the works created in 1945 and in the first after-war years (the sketches of the monumental panels "Peace" and "Victory" by E. Lansere, sculpture "The Warrior-conqueror" by M. Anikushin. "Moscow Saluting" by M. Bobyshov and other works) there are presented all the significant works, created by the well-known masters of Soviet Art in the 1960-1980's. In the "Victory" and "Veterans" paintings by E. Moiseenko, "The Traces of War" and the "Old Wounds" by G.M. Korzhev, «Family. 1945» by V. Ivanov, "Soldier's Mother" by V. Vatenin, "9 May" by S. Tkatchev the theme of war and victory finds the different emotional sonority and appears at first as the theme of historical memory, connected with the author's reflections about the fate of the rank-and-file participants of the war.
The important sides of this theme are revealed also in the graphic works by V. Vasiliyev, V. Vetrogonsky, V. Vilner, A, Krimmer, V. Matiukh, L. Sergeeva, A. Smirnov. The significant part of the exhibition presents the sculptures by M. Vainman, A. Ignatyev, M. Neymark, L. Holina and the others, who had embodied in the stone, marble and bronze their thoughts about the people's tragedy and heroic deed in the severe war years.