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  • The Fiery Scaling of Ilya Prophet. The beginning of the XVI century. Novgorod. Tempera on wood. 48 х 35.8 х 2.4
  • Arkhip Kuindzhi. Cloud. Sunset. 1890’s. Oil on paper mounted on canvas. 40 х 51.5
  • Isaak Brodsky. New Moon. 1906. Oil on canvas mounted on cardboard. 52 х 64.5
  • Vadim Grigoryev-Bashun. Nika. 2010. From the “Antic Project” cycle.   Wood, aluminum, glass, ventilator, luminescent light.  210 х 63 х 90
  • Firdant Salivaria-Nuriahmetov. Composition. 2001. From the “Shining Moons” Project. Сanvas, tinted string, metal. 123 х 50 х 6
  • Vyacheslav Koleychuk. Sphere. Kinetic composition. 1983. Wood, collage: reproduction, electric slide. 40.8 х 34
  • Vladimir Kozin. A Sky. 2010. From  “The New Russian Horizons” series. Motor-car rubber, twisted wire. 81 х 121 х 40
  • Julia Sopina. Breakfast (Chew your Porridge, Hoping for the Sky). 2009. Oil on canvas. 100 х 110
  • Jury Vasiliev. A Star. 1966. Wood (bamboo), metal wire. 70 х 70 х 50
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12 August - 08 November 2010
Benois Wing

Exposition includes about 110 art works from the collection of the Russian Museum and private collections. There are presented the oeuvres of the Old Russian art, paintings of the XIX – XX centuries, photos and the modern art-objects (installation, video-art).

The image of sky attracted many artists who worked in different epochs and represented the different styles and ways of art. However, such exhibition, revealing the variety of approaches to this theme, is held for the first time. Each of the exposition halls presents a certain aspect of the image of a sky. The exposition is beginning with the works by the modern artists. Among them there are Eric Bulatov, Mikhail Shvartsman, Oscar Rabin, Victor Tikhomirov and also the well-known German artist Jorge Immendorf and Izuru Midzutani, Japanese master of video-art. The exposition section “On the Another Part of a Sky”, devoted to the theme of space, deserves the special attention. There are presented the paintings by the famous Soviet spaceman Aleksey Leonov, the unique photos of the nebulas, made with the aid of telescopes and the astronomic instruments, granted by the Pulkovo Observatory.

There are also presented the works by the classics of the Russian landscape painting of the XIX century – Ivan Aivazovsky, Aleksey Savrasov, Arkhip Kuindzhi and the other masters. The final section of the exhibition presents the oeuvres of the Old Russian art аnd the paintings by the Russian artists of the beginning of the ХХ century and the Soviet artists. The image of a sky receives here the great significance in the revealing of the emotional content of the work.

The exhibition is supported by Iveta and Tamaz Manasherov, Group of Companies “UNIDENT”, Cultural Beneficent Foundation “U-ART: You and Art”.