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Oleg Kaplin
The Winners of the First Museum Photobiennale of the State Russian Museum

  • From the “Old Believers”  series. 2008
  • From the “Disabled WW2 Veterans”  series. 1978-1982
  • Farther Mikhail and Holy Fool Nikolai. Lavra. From the “Types” series. 1982
  • From the “Our Reply to Jerusalem”  series. 1983 – 2004
  • From the “Old Believers”  series. 2007
  • Lavra. From the “Porch” series. 1978
  • Lavra. From the “Porch” series. 1974
  • Lavra. 1985
  • From the “Prayer triptych”. 1995
  • Pskov Caves Monastery. From the “Singing Deacons” series. 1988
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09 December 2010 - 21 March 2011
Stroganov Palace

The solo exhibition of the Moscow photograph Oleg Kaplin, accomplishing the Winners of the First Museum Photobiennale series, presents about 70 photos. Many of them are devoted to the images of the Orthodox Russia. The exposition includes the works revealing the beauty and the deep meaning of the divine service, the photo portraits of the religious persons: priests, monks, parish man, old-believing man, keeping fidelity to the traditions of ancestors. Kaplin commemorated the images of beggars, blessed and cripples – the men, supported by the Orthodoxy faith, giving them the strength to live.