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08 December 2010 - 28 March 2011
Benois Wing

For the first time in the Russian Museum the exhibition presents in such a great scale the pantheon of the Orthodoxy Saints of Russia in the works of the Church art from the 12th to the early 20th centuries from its collection. Many-aged history of the Russian sanctity is presented in the images of the saint princes, priests, reverends, God’s fools, righteous. Among them there are the first national saint princes-martyrs Boris and Gleb, the founders of the Russian monkshood St Anthony Pechyorsky and St Feodosiy Pechyorsky, Seraphim Sarovsky, Moscow metropolitans Pyotr and Alexei and the other saint defenders and protectors of the Russian Land. They are commemorated on the icons, embroider covers, blankets, cruses, the articles of the divine service utensils and in the manuscript and printed books. The exposition also includes the true masterpieces of the Old Russian Art: the icon “St Boris and St Gleb” (14th century), the Christophor’s Evangel (15th century) and the embroider icon of the Dmitry Uglichsky (17th century).

With the financial support of JSFC Sistema and “Severstal”