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PULLER IN RUSSIA. 1900-1920s

  • Unknown artist. Mariynskiy Iron and Machine-building Plant … Alexandrovsk, Ekaterinoslavsky province. 1900’s. Chromolitograph. 85 х 63,4.
  • Unknown artist. The Plants of the Agricultural Machines and Implements «John Grieves and Company», Berdyansk. 1900’s. Chromolitograph. 66 х 86,5.
  • Tobacco Advertising. «Butterfly» Sigarettes. Company of the Tobacco Factory «A.N. Shaposhnikov and Company », St.Petersburg, 1900’s. Chromolitograph. 77,7 х 51,5.
  • Unknown artist. «Prima» Tooth powder. Chromolitograph. Diameter 42,5.
  • Unknown artist. (MI Monogrammer). The Best Rest is Spending Your Vacation on Volga. 1920’s. Chromolitograph. 24,7 х 36.
  • V. Kabak, S. Mirzayanz. The “Selmash” (Agricultural Machine-building) Syndicate. 1920’s. Chromolitograph. 72,3 х 107,6.
  • Unknown artist. Мarble Soap is Very Best”. Candles, Parfume. Chromolitograph. 33,2 х 43,3.
  • The Advertising Bureau of the OTKOMHOZ. 1926-1928.Chromolitograph. 27 х 36,5.
  • Radio Advertising Puller. 1926-1928. Photolitography. 39,7 х 45,3.
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07 July - 10 August 2010
Marble Palace

The exposition includes about 100 samples of the Russian advertising poster of the 1900–1920’s from the collection of the Russian Museum. These works helps to trace back the history of the art of the commercial and industrial and the advertising of the services sphere on the example of the repeatedly published and little-known posters, created mainly by the Petersburg-Leningrad artists. The most part of the posters is exhibited for the first time.

The most part of the exhibited posters of the 1900–1910’s shows the strong influence of the plastic means of the Modern style and the expressive language of the popular prints and signboards. In a number of advertising posters of this time the romantic female image is used/ These posters were the universal personification of different goods and services. In the 1920’s – the period of NEP (the New Economic Policy) in this sphere of the applied printed graphic became essential the innovatory experiments of the consructivist artists. The wide circulation received also the traditional forms of realistic art. The most significant exhibited samples of advertising poster of this time are the works by A. Rodchenko, V. Mayakovskyi and D. Bulanov.

The exhibition is organized with the financial support of “Severstal”.