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  • Still life with a Red Rose. 1969. Oil on canvas. 74 х 100. Private collection.
  • Still life with a Red Rose. 1969. Oil on canvas. 74 х 100. Private collection.
  • A Great Fasting Still life. 1970. Oil on canvas. 60 х 90. Private collection .
  • Still life with the Palace of Soviets. 1977. Oil on canvas. 80 х 100. Private collection.
  • The Solemn Still life. 1982. Oil on canvas. 76 х 127. Private collection.
  • Empty Jar. 1990. Oil on canvas. 91 х 117. Private collection
  • Flying Girl. 1994. Oil on canvas. 108 х 92. Private collection.
  • The Autumn Holiday. 2003. Oil on canvas. 76 х 147. Private collection.
  • Still life with a Broken Doll. 2008. Oil on canvas. 68 х 107. Private collection.
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20 May - 01 July 2010
Marble Palace

Exposition includes about 70 works by Mikhail Odnoralov, who lives and works in United States of America during the last three decades. These works, created in the 1960-2000's, present the basic stages of painter's art. One of the most striking and outstanding representatives of the Moscow underground, the participant of the famous "Bulldozer exhibition" (exhibition of Moscow non-conformist painters, destroyed with bulldozers in September, 1974), Odnoralov was forced to leave the Soviet Union in 1980.
Already in his first still-lives, created in the end of the 1960's Odnoralov showed himself as an independent original master. His artistic quests were dependent on the so-called non-official art. Having experienced the influence of Robert Falk, Mark Chagall and surrealist painters, Odnoralov produced the original principle of organization of the picturesque and semantic space of his still lifes. The connecting of "High" and "Low", the combination of the classic art and kitch in these works allows to create the sensation of the a-logic absurd world surround ("Moyras", "Still-life with the Palace of Soviet". "Still life with the Young Activist"). In the period of working in United States the new way appeared in Odnoralov's art, where the comparison of the naked figure and the group of things in the space of picture is filled with the completed content.