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  • Love Story. Meeting A. 1999-2000. Oil and aсryl on canvas. 91.5 х 70.
  • Love Story. A Girl of Autumn. 1994. Oil and acryl on canvas. 91.5 х 70.
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01 September - 18 October 2010
Marble Palace

The solo exhibition of the modern South Korean artist Lee-Kwang-Ha presents about 60 paintings and graphic works, created from the end of the 1970’s to 2010.

Lee-Kwang-Ha is the laureate of many art competitions and the Honorary artist of the National Society of Fine Arts (Paris). His solo exhibitions took part in South Korea, Japan, China, France, the United States of America and others. The basis of his art is the interaction of the Western and Eastern art traditions and the combination of the abstract and figurative themes. The formation of artist’s creative oeuvre coincides with the confirmation of the abstractionism as the main tendency of the modern art of South Korea. Therefore an abstraction in Lee-Kwang-Ha’s paintings is interpreted as the stable construction, where are included the elements of the classic Korean art such as known symbols (crane, lotus, bamboo, mountain), national ornaments and hieroglyphs are included. The combination of these images creates the fine decorative ensemble, reminding the Eastern carpet or the jewel adornment. The artist considers each of his works as the singular narration about the love story. It is notable that all the works presented on the exhibition have precisely the “love story” title.