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  • The Horses. 1999. Oil on fibreboard. 61x68.
  • The Morning Dress. 2001. Oil on canvas. 60x70
  • After the Oblation.   2008. Oil on canvas. 70x90
  • Kazbah. Tanger. 2009. Oil on canvas. 76x100
  • Ronda. 2009.Oil on canvas. 80x120.
  • The View from the Ruzvelt’s Island. New York. 2008. Oil on canvas. 80x114.
  • The View on the St Michael’s Castle. 2006 Oil on canvas. 60 x 80
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24 June - 16 August 2010
Mikhailovsky Castle

The solo exhibition of the modern Petersburg artist Liza Mikhailova presents about 70 paintings from the author's private collection.

A landscape and a still life are the main genres in Liza Mikhailova's creative oeuvre. Her works are distinguished by the forceful, impassioned picturesque manner, using of bright, open colors, and at the same time - by the constructiveness and thoroughness of the composition. In these paintings the picturesque discoveries of the French impressionism are connected organically with the traditions of the Russian realistic painting.

Liza Mikhailova travels a lot round the world. She visited Europe, America, North Africa and the East. The impressions that she has from the numerous trips were embodied in such works as "Sirakuzas", "Street in Tanger", "The Evening in Jerusalim". But the most important place in Mikhailova's art belongs to the city landscape. Depicting Venice or St. Petersburg the artist aspires not only to commemorate the concrete view on canvas, but also to reproduce its emotional atmosphere.